Betsy Ellis, LCMHC | (802) 999-9026
Betsy Ellis, LCMHC | (802) 999-9026

EFT is an experiential therapy.
You will experience new ways of
relating and communicating in every session.

Here are some things couples learn to do:
  • Have meaningful conversations about how your specific pattern of misunderstandings and disagreements have caused you pain and caused your relationship to feel stuck.
  • Have healing conversations about whatever hurts in your relationship.
  • Talk from your heart about your needs, longings and fears.
  • Become each other’s resource for comfort in times of need instead of a source of distress.

I have discussed EFT throughout my website….but you may have more questions…

The videos on this page will give you more information about what makes relationships succeed and what makes relationships difficult. EFT can help your relationship transform from distressing to thriving.

Video #1

Love Sense: from Infant to Adult (Sue Johnson and Ed Tronick)
11:27 min video
  • Attachment is the underlying key concept of Emotionally Focused Therapy. The two people in this video are: Sue Johnson, the founder of EFT, and Ed Tronick, a developmental, clinical and research psychologist at the University of Massachusetts. They are two leading experts in bonding and love relationships.
  • This video explains how attachment or bonding is a biological need all humans have. We’ve known for years that children need an attachment relationship with their caregivers to thrive. We now know that this need doesn’t stop in childhood. Current research shows that adults need an attachment figure to thrive as well. The quality of this adult attachment is predictive of relationship success.
  • Disconnection hurts and how we handle these inevitable moments of vulnerable disconnection define how these bonds work out for us. We often don’t see the impact on our partner of our lack of response to their emotional call/need. EFT can transform these moments of disconnection.
  • EFT focuses on bringing awareness to and healing these moments of disconnection. Having this new awareness and healing will build and enhance your attachment bond. As a result your bond will become stronger and you’ll both have the skills to repair any future disconnections that may arise.

Video #2

Science with Sue, Episode 1
New science of romantic bonding tells us about the key defining factor in a couples relationship.
6 min video
  • Sue Johnson, the founder of EFT, discusses what attachment research says about the key ingredients in a relationship.
  • She discusses the one thing that is needed during times of distress, vulnerability and need.
  • EFT, through experiential learning, teaches couples how to respond to each other in ways that heal and strengthen their relationship.

Video #3

Changing the Channels during Conflict
6 min video
  • Sue Johnson discusses how partners can learn to hold on to their emotional balance even when your partner can become angry, critical or distant.
  • She describes how all couples get stuck in a repeating pattern of disconnection.
  • She describes a key skill that couples learn in EFT: how to change the channel during a distressing interaction.